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Many people face challenges in their journey to lose weight. It is a misconception when people consider weight loss being instant. Consistency is key when it comes to eating healthy and physical exercise, which are the main determinants of weight loss. In addition, it is critical to take into account the variances of metabolism among individuals. A set of routines that may work for a person, may not work for another individual. This is when personalized diet plans make a difference. Depending on whether your metabolism is slow or fast, you can lose weight if you are informed what to do

  • Counselling : Understand details of client’s medical condition, symptoms, and then strategize a healthy weight loss program
  • Balance diet approach strategy: Focus on healthy carbohydrates, fibre, protein, other nutrients that include Omega 3 fat, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin C, B complex, and Fat soluble vitamins
  • Blood report analysis: Addressing specific foods for deranged blood parameters
  • Body measurement
  • Addressing foods based on symptoms or other health
  • Plan seven-day customized or personalized diet plan
  • Consistent reporting and updates: Review progress and discuss challenges on a weekly basis
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