Nutrition for Glowing skin and Better and healthy Hair

The common saying goes, ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’

Everyone wants to look beautiful, and desires beautiful skin and healthy hair.  Thus, we invest lots of money in skin and hair products. However, the importance of eating healthy food, a big factor for healthy skin, can be ignored.

Nutrition plays a vital role when it comes to skin and hair. Moreover, eating a variety of nutrients is key to being healthy inside and out. In addition, specific macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals can provide essential nutrients for healthy hair and skin.

Robert Urich once said that a healthy outside starts from the Inside. Therefore, eating a well- balanced meal that nourishes one’s body is important. My diet clinic is in a reputable position to help you discover your eating capacity to help you see the best version of your self with healthy hair and beautiful skin.

For skin

Skin is one of the most important parts of your body and it is mostly made up of protein.  Keratin, collagen and elastin are proteins that keep the skin looking healthy as they provide strength and elasticity. Processed food increases inflammation and results in nutrient deficiency.  As a result, skin issues like acne, pimple, rashes, pore, Psoriasis, vitiligo, and other skin allergy like urticaria, eczema can occur. Therefore, nutrients like omega 3 fatty acid, iron, collagen, vitamin C, vitamin A, antioxidant, vitamin E, zinc, vitamin B6 are essential to keep your skin healthy and glowing

For  Hair

Healthy food is also a causative factor for healthy hair

The speed of hair growth is dependent on genetics, gender, age, hormones. It may be reduced by nutrient deficiency (i.e., protein, iron, biotin, vitamin B3, vitamin6, vitamin 5, vitamin B12, vitamin C, zinc) and hormonal fluctuations (i.e., menopause, polycystic ovaries, thyroid disease).   These nutrients are believed to help strengthen hair follicles and cells, resulting in healthier hair growth. Moreover, they also help remove dead skin from the scalp, enhancing new growth.  Therefore, it is crucial for everyone to eat a well-balanced diet to have healthy and beautiful hair. Hydration is also equally important

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