Nutrition for Weight gain

There are people in the world who suffer from being overweight and obese. However, some people have the opposite problem of being skinny. The Study says that being underweight is more problematic than being overweight. Because it causes more health problems like infections, fertility problems, fatigue and weakened immune system.

Also, there are other types of people who are naturally thin and healthy at the same time. And they think that being skinny is not a problem but that’s not true

Now, The causes for weight loss might be thyroid, cancer, physical and mental illness and it might also be a genetic problem in some cases.

When it comes to weight gain, the best nutrition is protein, and following a balanced diet is very important to have a consistent, sustainable and healthier way of weight gain. Now, People might think that gaining weight is simpler than losing it and they tend to gain weight by eating unhealthy fat. So it’s important to understand that gaining weight is not a short term goal, it’s a  healthy lifestyle that must be adopted by every individual

To gain weight more healthily, one should have a regime that helps to follow it consistently

Now, everyone’s body type is different so to get that perfect routine that suits your body, you must get nutritional therapy which helps you in knowing your body conditions, needs and metabolism through your journey and which also ensures that it is realistic.

My clinic will help you to discover that regime and also helps in cultivating a healthy weight gain program that gives you consistent and realistic results.

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