Nutrition for Thyroid and Cancer

In the current era thyroid is a common and major problem that is found in all the age groups like teenagers, adults and most commonly in ages 20 to 30 both in men and women.


Thyroid problems are caused by autoimmune diseases, iodine deficiency and some may get from genetics and that lead to either hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. Now, hypothyroidism is an underactive hormone which doesn’t produce sufficient hormone for the thyroid. Hyperthyroidism is an overactive hormone which provides the hormone excessively which increases the metabolism in the body, And that leads to various health disorders


Cancer is a vast range of infection which is defined as “Cancer is a group of diseases including abnormal cells.”

And cancer is majorly caused by smoking, tobacco, viruses, infections, excessive alcohol use and also from genetics in some cases.

Now, let’s see why nutrition is important for thyroid and cancer problems.

Adopting a healthy diet plan and certain eating habits will help your body in digestion which keeps your metabolism on track and that doesn’t lead you to weight gain. And Having the right food, and taking proper medication helps you keep thyroid function and make you disease free

Nutrition like iodine, selenium and zinc are great to consume for thyroid problems. And following a thyroid-friendly diet helps you in preventing illness and maintaining a healthy body.

Having adequate nutrition and a healthy balanced diet are the main parts of cancer therapies. Following a balanced diet with nutrients like protein, fats and carbohydrates helps you in living a healthy and quality life.

A nutritionist specializes in creating a healthy and proper diet plan for each and every individual personally and ensures to provide them with the required nutrition for their body.

My diet plans and programs will help people in minimizing the common symptoms of illness and help to live a healthy and disease-free life

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