Nutrition for New Life

This phase of life in every woman is most important that should be taken extra care of in all aspects of their life.

Nutrition is a very important factor in a healthy life and for a healthy baby. And if a woman has above nutrition deficiency there is a defect in the birth. So the women must assess their balanced nutritional status before getting conceived or early weeks of the pregnancy

The women who are not having balanced nutritional status can affect in various cases of pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy.

If the women do not have a balanced nutrition status during the time that they are likely to conceive can be affected by a lack of nourishment and being underweight. Those who try to get a balanced nutrition status during pregnancy can be weakened because of more requirements from the body for the growth of the baby.

And the inadequacy of balanced nutrition status before getting conceive will affect the whole ongoing process of the pregnancy period. And it also impacts the baby in healthy growth and birth weight.

Now, Under lactation, insufficient nutrients lead to a lack of milk production so lactating requires a lot of energy that will be supplied from the nutrients and it is also very important for your health and well-being in the whole process of pregnancy.

Nutrition is just having healthy food, a balanced diet and consuming essential nutrients like iron, vitaminB12, folic acid and omega 3 fatty acids and they are key requirements for the healthy development and growth of a child’s brain.

And everyone should understand the importance of nutrition in life and that must be known according to your body needs and conditions.

So consulting a nutritionist helps you in understanding your body needs and in getting a proper diet plan for yourself.

If you are one of them, then you are in the right place.

Yes, My clinic will help you in getting that balanced and healthy diet program and help you to get the safest and healthy birth of the baby.

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