“Earlier I don’t have any limit with my intake of food if I like something, which is unhealthy in certain level but This is the first time I feel satisfied; my cravings have diminished dramatically under the advice of Tenzin, and that helps me with reducing my weight of 6kg in few months. I am eating right portion at time and I feel great!”

Tenzin Choekyilost 6kg in 3 months

My journey with Dietician Tenzin Kelsang started two years ago when I consulted her regarding intermittent fasting and diet restrictions to start my healthy lifestyle. I have seen changes in me after I consulted her for the longest time period. She has a unique way of suggesting every possible way which could benefit every client’s desire in the healthiest way. She treats every client as her companion rather than maintaining a dietician and client relationship which I think it’s a good approach to provide a friendly environment.
I would suggest everyone follow and consult Tenzin Kelsang if you are looking for a friend cum dietician who understands your body need in the best possible way.

Tenzin phentokDiet