About Company

Tenzin Nutrition is a Health and Nutrition based company, recently established with an objective and a mission to change people’s lifestyle, perception about health, and to prevent various lifestyle-related disorders and diseases by spreading awareness about healthy eating and living an active life

What We Do

  • We provide clients with Nutrition counseling, educate them about food and nutrition, advise on the selection of ingredients, send out recipe documents, analyze nutrient deficiencies, symptoms, and any other medical conditions by analyzing their blood reports and rectifying their deranged blood parameters by putting them on a therapeutic diet and also recommending them nutrition-based supplements
  • We also conduct individualized nutritional assessments, analyze the client’s eating habits, and outline the areas of improvement; building a customized Nutrition Plan, with follow-ups to assess their progress
  • Nutrition educational webinars and social media awareness is also a part of our program

Our Vision

Our Vision is to improve the quality of human life by educating the clients on their respective nutritional needs and reduce the consumption of processed and unhealthy food, to prevent the risk of deadly diseases, to name a few Diabetes, Hepatitis, and obesity in our community

About Tenzin

Founder of Tenzin Nutrition,  MissTenzin Kelsang has been in the field of consulting for the last 4.5 years.  She is a certified dietician. She has done a Master’s in Nutrition& Dietetics from J. SS University in Mysore, Karnataka.  She is basically from Tibet and has been staying in India for more than decades. She strongly believes in the Hippocrates quote “Let’s food be thy medicine and let’s medicine be thy food’’. Nutrition is only the fundamental part of the body’s excellence and has better well-being. Her expertise includes lifestyle management, Weight loss, Weight gain, Muscle gain,  therapeutic dietary management, Sports Nutrition, Kids Nutrition, Nutrition for a new life, Nutrition for skin and hair, and various medical conditions and lifestyle disorders. Moreover, she believes that eating healthy foods and having physical exercise is not sufficient, besides, it’s imperative to have a happy mind. Health is a relationship between your body, mind, and soul.  She is an extremely organized, professional, and self-motivated Dietitian with a great passion for nutrition and people’s well-being. Her backgrounds include 4 years and one month worked in Qua Nutrition, 4months of Register Dietitian internship in Apollo Hospital, Bangalore, and 5 months working in HealthifyMe. She had done lots of certification courses on Vitiligo, PCOD /PCOS, Thyroid, Gut health,  Sports, and nutritional supplements for various medical conditions.

Her achievement includes four times, she has been awarded the monthly performer of the employee in Qua Nutrition Company and has also won the yearly best performer for the year 2018-2019 at the same company.